Meet Our DJs


DJ JASON LACKO – Managing Member of All-Stars Events – Jason began his DJing years in the late 90’s doing Bars, Small Clubs and of course Weddings. Now a well experienced veteran to the Entertainment business with hundreds of Weddings under his belt, DJ Lacko is now a proud managing member of one of Pittsburgh’s top wedding service providers ‘Pittsburgh All-Stars’. Along with his passion for DJing Weddings, he is a family man that enjoys coaching, traveling and attending any hometown sporting event possible.


DJ CLAY SLIVKO – Managing Member of All-Stars Events – Clay began DJing parties in college in 1999 founding NDj Music and was one of the first to use a computer exclusively. Now, of course, computer DJing is mainstream but he has been there from the beginning. In addition to standard DJing, Clay also does video DJ events and is technologically capable of just about anything you can think of to customize your event entertainment. He also holds a Doctorate in Pharmacy and developed and manages All-Stars Photobooths.


DJ BRYAN HOOVER – Member of All-Stars Events since 2013 – Bryan became involved in the DJ business under the assistance of DJ Jammin Jason at the age of 15. Throughout his tenure in high school, Bryan and Jason could be found at nearly every party providing entertainment. After graduating high school, he went on to serve his country in the Air Force. Bryan served for 10 years on active duty assigned to military bases in Utah, Washington D.C., and Maryland. He deployed three (3) times to Honduras, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.


DJ ED LORENC – Member of All-Stars Events since 2016 – DJ Ed Lorenc aka The Jam-Master has been a DJ for over 30 years. He brings his passion and love for entertaining to every event. He began his DJ career during his senior year in high school playing for school dances and after proms. Ed played at various clubs and has been a wedding DJ since 1985. He has played for hundreds of weddings and is one of the most experienced DJs in the Pittsburgh area. Ed loves the crowd interaction and will make your event a night to remember. Click HERE for more on Ed Lorenc.


DJ STEVE & RENA ANTOSZ Member of All-Stars Events since 2015


DJ JASON RULLO – Member of All-Stars Events since 2008 – DJ Jason Rullo started out DJ’ing when he was just 15 years old. When he began his DJ career, his uncle would always call him “Jammin’ Jason”, so he stuck with that name. He would do friends parties and then eventually got into school dances. As his career progressed, he shadowed another wedding DJ in the area and he began getting into the Wedding business himself.