Wedding DJ Pricing

DJ Package Pricing

PLATINUM Wedding DJ packages are for clients with bigger budgets that allow them to get the BEST of the BEST DJs we have to offer. These award winning DJs also have numerous FIVE-STAR reviews, 300+ Wedding experience, and can also give you a ‘Club DJ’ experience that adds a higher level of mixing music, equipment and intelligent lighting to your event. These DJs typically book up fast and their schedule is more likely limited throughout the year. (Price Range: over $1300)

GOLD Wedding DJ packages are geared towards clients with semi-strict budgets for entertainment, yet still allowing them to get one of the best wedding DJs in the business. These DJs have a large amount of FIVE-STAR reviews and have done over 300+ Weddings as well. Typically our Gold DJs are more flexible with their schedules and pricing depending on times of the year or the locations of the event. (Price Range: under $1300)

SILVER Wedding DJ packages are for those with very strict budgets but who still want an All-Star DJ. These packages include new Pittsburgh All-Star DJs. Silver DJs still have FIVE-STAR reviews and at least 5 years of Wedding experience. (Price Range: under $1190)


Booking all our services together can save you up to $400 for a typical wedding. Uplighting starts at $499, Wedding Photo Booths start at $699, Photography packages start at $1700 and Videography packages start at $975. Prices can vary depending on the day, time of year, if you are bundling any services, and a few other factors so please Request a Quote! and a real person who is currently available will get back to you within 24 hours with a quote for their specific services based on your contact preference. We can book online in minutes and we are so confident in our DJ services we even offer a Price Guarantee!

img_0129Why Us?

If you are pricing wedding services you will most likely find quite a large range. Most of all when you hire a someone, you should first and foremost receive a PROFESSIONAL service with PROFESSIONAL equipment and prompt client communication. Each member of our team cares about the services they offer to make every event a success.

For example, a DJ’s costs consist mainly of equipment and maintenance, music licensing, and time. Any particular DJ’s talents need to include experience with diverse crowds, music choice and mixing, and equipment knowledge. In addition to essentially renting sound and lighting equipment, you are hiring someone for their experience. A DJ needs to control that equipment and elegantly direct an evening of exciting music and entertainment. When pricing services for your event please consider:

  • The amount of time services are needed in performance AND preparation
  • The quality of equipment used
  • Experience of the individual you are hiring
  • Inclusion of travel, setup time, and other necessary costs we always include
  • What service, dedication, and commitment you expect to receive for the money you spend


We encourage our clients to shop around and compare what you get with the level of service and professionalism we offer. All-Stars are not the cheapest, and we are not the most expensive either. Our DJs have decades of experience, and use only the highest quality, professional equipment. All our members treat each event as if it were their own, and we try to offer an outstanding value for the services we provide. Finally, we ask you to gather a bunch of quotes and then TALK to us. There is never a fee for meetings or questions. You will be communicating directly with the pros who will be handling your event.

Be aware that plenty of other companies, web searches, and booking agencies offer a lower price or gimmicks just to book as many events as they can. Often there is no regard to the quality or integrity of the service or the people providing it. Most importantly, we offer straight forward pricing based on some basic information about your event, and we give extra discounts if you bundle services together.